“Life will send storms

you cannot prepare for.

Some will approach slowly and

others will appear without warning.

Move through each moment

with care and persistence.

Meaning and beauty are

waiting for you

on the other side.”

Holstee, Resilience Guide

Storms in life like storms in weather eventually end. Some are worse than others.

However if they don’t take your life, no matter how bad they were, the Sun eventually comes out.

Endure whatever they throw at you with grit and a smile.

Without the rain the flowers won’t grow. Without strife we don’t grow.

We can come out better on the other side. That is being antifragile.

Not just recover from adversity, but be better because of it.

You do that by learning from the what caused the storm and from its aftermath.

The learning is the meaning and beauty waiting on the other side of a storm.

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