Small Calculated Risks

Life is all about taking risks. Much of people’s anxiety is over; will these risks work out in the long run?

Taking a big risk in life is scary because we aren’t sure how it will work out.

Will it ruin you?

No one said you have to take big, life-altering risks all at once. Sometimes these risks are necessary.

But what if you took small calculated risks that get you to the same place?

Much of our anxiety is because we try to predict what will happen.

The bigger the risk the more variables. The harder it is to predict.

We, as humans, are horrible at predicting the future. So the bigger the risk the more vague the outcome will be.

We try to predict the future, but there are so many things outside of our control it is a lesson in futility.

Also, black swan events can come along and change everything. The idea of the black swan event was popularized by Nicholas Nassim Taleb in the book of the same name.

We can steal ourselves against the events in two ways, hedge our bets, so we are prepared to take advantage of the outcome or take small calculated risks that don’t expose us to as much risk.

If you are taking smaller risks, then the stakes become easier to manage and you get to the same endpoint.

You will also be more willing to continue on the path to the big goal, just in smaller steps.

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