What I learned this year?

I learned this year that I don’t have to try to prove I am the smartest person in the room, because most of the time I’m not.

My intense need to show people how smart I am came from insecurity. Deep down I never felt I was smart enough.

I found some intellectual humility. I realized I could learn from others if I took the time to listen.

I learned this year that I talk too much which often was an outgrowth of trying to prove how smart I was.

I am working on shutting up and listening more. One mouth, two ears for a reason. I don’t need to offer something in every conversation.

If you have something to share that adds value to the conversation, share it. If not, keep it to yourself.

By trying to impress people with your witty remarks, you do the opposite. You put them off.

I learned that I can’t fix people. People don’t want to be fixed. They want you to listen. They want to be heard.

I learned I am a writer. It doesn’t matter how good it is. Get it down.

I accomplished my goal of one blog post per week. Now I have keep doing the work.

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